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Here at Leela you will find a multitude of weekly classes: Morning, midday, evenings, and weekends. Fast and slow. Beginner, intermediate and advance. And lots of different styles; from yin and slow flow, to vinyasa, ashtanga and jivamukti. Whatever your mood, whatever your level of intensity, whatever your experience, Leela’s team of skilled instructors will make sure you get what you need.


These classes are for you who want to add some flow to your life, a bit of sweat and whole lotta breathing. The classes bring a bit of depth to everything in your body and may focus on certain parts to further deepen the experience. The intention in these classes is to truly learn embodiment and to help you challenge yourself in your practice.  #thesweatlife



Start your day to the tune of your breath and a refreshing routine to encourage a powerful and lasting energy throughout your workday. The class is built up with sun salutations to greet the day and flows into a sequence that will target the muscles that we usually ignore throughout our busy days!


All levels

Gentle Flow

Start your day right


Start your day to the tune of your breath and a refreshing, vigorous routine to encourage a powerful and lasting energy throughout your workday. The class starts with gentle streching to warm up the body, followed by sun salutations and an intermediate vinyasa flow to get the body ready for the coming day.


Physically detoxing through sweat, and mentally relaxing for your mind that helps to release blocked energy through your breathe.



Vinyasa Flow

Physical & Playful


Moon Flow is an intermediate vinyasa style class with a mystic twist.  We align with the energies of the moon (it changes every 2 1/2 days!) and work with the astrology and elements of the different signs of the zodiac with the goal to balance ourselves in line with the astro. The class is inspired by YogAstrology and the asanas are based on the teachings - every zodiac has a body part/area connected to it. 


For example Scorpio is connected to the pelvis - so we will work with asanas for our pelvis. Taurus is Scorpios opposite - meaning we will also work with Taurean ares of the body; the neck and throat. 



Vinyasa Flow

Connect to the moon energy



A vinyasa flow class balances alignment and flow,  while including a playful approach to exploring your body and mind through a daily intention and theme. Physically detoxing through sweat, and mentally relaxing for your mind, this class through breath and movement will release whatever blocked energy your body holds. 


Level I (all levels) to III (Advanced)

Vinyasa Flow

Physical & Playful



Incorporating Taoist principles, Chinese medicine, and sacred geometry, Katonah teaches poses workshop-style with plenty of props and adjustments. Katonah says the body is meant to “fit” from top to bottom and right to left, Practitioners learn how to fit each posture to their own particular body frame. These new forms of familiar poses can thus shed light on your habits, offer us a fresh perspective and insight.

Soft Music


Longer holds and alignment



Hatha Flow is a more dynamic and fluid form of Hatha Yoga, with emphasis on holding a pose for a longer time - traditionaly 8 breaths. Hatha yoga is said to be a path of balance and uniting opposites - our masculine/yang and feminine/yin energies - and teahes us the midle way of strength and flexibility – something that is much needed in today's busy society. 

No or soft Music

All Levels

Gentle Flow

Tradition with a twist



The class offers a well-rounded practice and is designed to be completed in one hour. Thus, it is suitable for those who have limited time to devote to a yoga practice, for those who are looking for a workout to “shape up” physically, and for those who are looking to include a robust asana practice in a manageable daily routine. Because it is a fixed sequence that is always the same, a student has the opportunity to progress to the level of mastery by committing to a consistent, steady, regular sadhana.


All levels
Vinyasa Flow

Song & Chanting

Dharma talk & Philosophy



Jivamukti Open Class presents classical yoga teachings as relevant to one’s life on and off the mat, drawn from the Focus of the Month essay, supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation.


All Open Class' include 14 points - asanas, meditation and spiritual teachings - in a sequence creatively designed by the teacher - tailored to the topic of the month, always the samme accross the globe



Vinyasa Flow

Physical, chanting, philosophy



A gentle and slow moving vinyasa flow to ground and relax into our bodies and allow the minds to rest. We move in both standing, seated and reclined postures to open, release and breathe deeply into our bodies. When we move slower we get to feel our bodies more, and deepen our breath. Perfect for beginners, and for you if you feel the need to calm down, but still want some movement.

Topped off with a long Savasana.

In Slow flow + Meditation we sit in meditation after savasana as well.


All levels

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

Calming + Grounding


The primary series is the first set of yoga postures, considered most important and foundational, that are taught in traditional Ashtanga yoga. This practice helps practitioners deepen focus inward, learn to extend breath, and is meant to help detoxify and purify the body



Ashtanga Mysore morning practice is not a lead practice, but a practice with a teacher present.


This style of yoga only suits those who are experienced with the Mysore Ashtanga style.



An exploration of Ashtanga Yoga, a traditional yoga form originating in southern India. It is dynamic and powerful, emphasizing the coordination of breath and motion. During the class you will learn a simple ashtanga yoga series consisting of sun salutations, standing and some seating positions, as well as savasana. Ashtanga is suitable for everyone.

No Music


Set sequence



Feminine Flow is a vinyasa style class designed especially for women, helping women re-awaken their own inner feminine nature. Inspired by the 7 archetypal Hindu Goddesses this class aims to bring forth your inner Goddess, gently guiding you back home to your divine feminine body.


Through the hour you will be moving and sweating through a sweet blend of traditional yoga postures in combination with the more fluid, circular movements of the feminine, topped off with a gentle, guided meditation.

NB! Women only!


All Levels/Intermediate

Vinyasa Flow


A deep and fluid vinyasa class, teaching you to release tension in the hips. There are so many reasons to do hip-opening poses: Supple hips can ease back pain and improve circulation in your legs.


There are also more subtle benefits to hip openers, as we hold stress and negative emotions—such as fear, guilt, and sadness—in our pelvis, this all can be released.


A regular hip opening practice will make your body let go of everything that doesn't benefit the body and mind. Release!


All levels

Vinyasa Flow


The MYSTICA Vinyasa Flow consists of four different vinyasa-style sequences, all including asana, pranayama mudra, mantra, song, chants, and chakras. Each flow embraces the cycles of nature and is specifically tailored to the enrgy of each one of the four seasons - winter/earth, spring/air, summer/fire and autumn/water - allowing the practitioner to re-align and re-connect with the rythms of the Earth as we move through the wheel of the year.


All levels

Vinyasa Flow


Sweet practices focusing on silence and the art of attention. Patience is fostered and quieting the mind is the process. These classes are for creating not only space in the physical body but to create space between your thoughts and emotions. Immerse yourself into the quiet.



Yin Yoga is the art of being able to let go. You can expect to bring your focus in this hour long class on the present moment and your conscious and intelligent body.  Passive positions are held for a 3-5 min to help release fascia and connective tissue so that the energy in the body can flow more freely. This class is an all-level class and a gentle practice.

Feel free to bring some fuzzy socks and a warm sweater to your yin practice so you can really snuggle up and enjoy the long holds, warm and comfortable.


Gentle Music 

All Levels

Long Hold

Grounding + Introspection



This class holds space for yin yoga and a series of breathing exercises. In yin yoga we hold positions for several minutes to help release fascia and connective tissue, improving flexibility and joint mobility, and increase circulation. In this slow and gentle pace we stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system, bringing us to a calmer and more present state.


Through a series of breathing practices we enhance the lung capacity and help bring more oxygen to the blood and brain. Breathwork, or pranayama, is the science of breath control and can help us find focus and come to a meditative mind. 

No music

All Levels

Long Hold




Restorative yoga helps you enter a state of deep relaxation as you hold soft poses for longer periods of time with the help of props to make you comfortable and supported throughout the hour. The main focus of restorative yoga, is that by relaxing in poses, with the aid of props, without strain or pain, you can enter a deeper state of physical, mental and emotional relaxation. The slowing down also helps stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, which again deepens your breath, slows your heart rate, increase the blood flow to your vital organs, and reduce overall stresses in our body. The practice is great to balance an active yoga schedule or to give yourself a break when you feel under the weather.

No or low music


Deep Relaxation

All levels



Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is an immensely powerful guided meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga you can do. While resting comfortably on your back in savasana, this systematic meditation takes you through "the five layers of self" (the pancha maya kosha), leaving you with a sense of wholeness.


"In yoga nidra, we restore our body, senses, and mind to their natural function and awaken a seventh sense that allows us to feel no separation, that only sees wholeness, tranquility, and well-being" - Richard Miller


Feel free to bring some fuzzy socks, a warm sweater and an eye pillow (if you have) to your yin + yoga nidra practice so you can really snuggle up and enjoy the long holds, warm and comfortable.

Gentle or No Music

All levels

Guided Meditation

Calming + Grounding


Tapas is derived from the root Sanskrit verb ‘tap’ which means ‘to burn’, and evokes a sense of ‘fiery discipline’ or ‘passion’. In our studio we offer sweaty and high intensity workouts - welcome to burn and become stronger and more balanced in your yoga practice.



Turn up the heat! This 30 min fun power yoga series blends high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with yoga-inspired moves to increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Each sweat session mixes intense bursts of exercise with short periods of rest to boost your energy and metabolism throughout the day.

By combining dynamic bodyweight exercises with mindful breathing and stretching, you’ll work your body from head to toe and get the most out of each workout. Prepare to leave each class feeling energized and empowered. In this series, you will:
1. Feel stronger and more energized
2. Increase your cardiovascular health 3.Strengthen and tone your entire body



Inspired by New York's popular The Class by Taryn Toomey, B+S is a cathartic workout experience that guides you to strengthen the body and notice the mind to restore balance. This class will leave you feeling sweaty and sore, but also restored!  With guided instruction and powerful music, using breath, voice and simple repetitive movements to release and let go, this class invites you to step out of your comfort zone. The result is an expansive, heart-clearing and transformative experience!


Get ready to sweat in style!


PS! Don't forget a sweat-towel 






25 minutes efficient full body strength training, to complement and improve your yoga practice, technique and alignment.

Works great in combination with your favorite yoga class, before or after depending on what suits you best.

We highly recommend using indoor shoes for your own comfort and safety.