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Our story

Leela is balance, playfulness and being present for the realest and truest moments in life. Leela is the reflection and the journey of the lessons we learn on the mat and how we live them off the mat. Leela is inspired out of bliss. Leela is bliss. Leela is community. Leela is yoga and Leela is you.


Leela लीला Sanskrit Meaning – “Divine Play, sport or pastime”. Consciously moving through the game of life.


When we first started our personal yoga journey, what we found was that yoga was expensive. Too expensive. Being a student at the time, paying roughly a 1000,- kr pr month to practice at a yoga studio was just too much, and signing up for a course for a set evening every week just felt too limiting and didn’t provide the flexibility we needed in a busy schedule. Thus, yoga classes were only affordable to attend at the local gym.


But we all know that practicing yoga at the gym is not the same, and that is what sparked the idea to create Leela. A yoga studio with the same business model as a gym, but with the serenity of a yoga studio. Here at Leela you will find a multitude of weekly classes: Morning, midday, evenings, and weekends. Fast and slow. Beginner, intermediate and advance. And lots of different styles; from yin and slow flow, to vinyasa, ashtanga and Jivamukti. Whatever your mood, whatever your level of intensity, Leela’s team of skilled instructors will make sure you get what you need. 


And the best of all, your membership at Leela includes unlimited yoga all month long to a very affordable price. We have even got our own student membership! 


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Leela shall be a safe haven; a sanctuary where one can just be, just breathe, and feel safe enough to sit with whatever experience one is currently going through. We know everyone’s journey is different, we judge no one and we have ears and hearts to listen if needed.


Leela means Divine Play, and here at Leela we encourage playfulness, openness, and curiosity as the journey of life is explored both on and off the yoga mat. Play – doing things just because they are fun – is what leads you to those sacred spaces; it is rekindling, it is healing, and it is vital to human development. We welcome everyone to come play with us!


Leela aims to be a place of authenticity, integrity, and compassion for all. Leela is a place where it shall feel safe to be the authentic you, and everyone who visits and works for Leela shall be treated with kindness, truthfulness, and respect.


Leela seeks to create an encouraging and supportive community of like-minded people. As a part of Leela one is not walking the path of life alone, and even though we are all at different stages on the journey of life, Leela aims to hold space for a community of like-minded people who are as ready to cheer you on when it is hard to keep going as they are to share your victories and be happy for your successes.


Leela Gamlebyen is located in Oslo’s trendy Old Town, next to Fuglen Coffee Roasters who happens to serve you the absolute best coffee in town! The studio opened its doors in the summer of 2021, and its spacious location features two yoga shalas with floor to ceiling windows and an awesome view of the Ekeberg hills. Both shalas has even got a private veranda outside, perfect to enjoy that beforementioned delicious coffee outside on a sunny day after your morning yoga practice! 


Our changing rooms has lockers for storage, as well as a couple of showers and a shared sauna, and if it so happens that you have forgotten your yoga outfit one day or are in the need of a new yoga mat, Leela’s little boutique carries all the yoga essentials you need from soft yoga tops and leggings, to mats, blocks, and straps.

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