200 Hour
Teacher Training

Have you been thinking of doing a yoga teacher training, but the old dogmatic ways have felt incongruent with the way you experience yoga?

Welcome to the Yoga Teacher Training that embodies and honours the seasons, the cycles and the magic of the phases - both in nature, and in our bodies. 

Join teachers Tonje Naess (RYT 200 & RYT 500) and Kate Murphy (RYT 200 & KY 400) for an embodied Yoga Teacher Training that balances the mystical with the anatomical, the history with the present, the cycles and the rhythms. 

The Training

The training is broken into four five-day modules in person, as well as an online training. 

Module 1 & 2:

Oct 26th - Nov 5th, 2022 we dive into Autumn & Winter

Module 3 & 4

Apr 26th - May 6th, 2023 we explore Spring & Summer

Designed for You

All trainings will be held in Leela's new mountain lodge close to Beitostølen and will include books, rooms, breakfast and training materials.

Put yourself on the waitlist to get more details and to be the first to know when registration opens.


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