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Studio Rental



Here at Leela we are happy to rent out one or several of our spaces for your yoga workshop, event, course or YTT, and we have several options available for you who wish to have your event here.





Shiva Shala: This is our smallest shala, it is 30m2 and it fits a maximum of 12 yoga mats or approximately 20 people seated for a ceremony like for example a moon ceremony, seated meditation, or a talk.


The Shiva Shala is the easiest shala to rent as it has the most availability and can be rented all week long at all times.


Shakti Shala: This is our medium shala, it is 60m2 and it fits a maximum of 20 yoga mats or approximately 40 people seated for a ceremony like for example a moon ceremony, seated meditation, or a talk.


The Shakti Shala is mainly available outside of class hours, but special arrangements can be made if needed. 


Buddha Shala: This is our largest shala, it is 90m2 and it fits a maximum of 30 yoga mats or approximately 60 people seated for a ceremony like for example a moon ceremony, seated meditation, or a talk.


The Buddha Shala is only available for rent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday outside of class hours. See our weekly schedule for more information regarding our classes.


Private Room: Our treatment room is 8,5 m2 and is perfect for private consultations and/or treatments like massage or reiki. The room has a massage bench for your disposal if needed. 





YTT: The space can only be rented in weekends or red days: Fridays from 18.00 and Sat + Sun from 08.00.  The breaks during the YTT have to be scheduled according to Leelas weekly classes - meaning from 10.30 - 11.45 or 12.15 - 13.30 on Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00 - 13.15. For a YTT the rent is 10% of the total income. This only includes rental of the space. Marketing and sign-ups for the YTT are done by the person teaching the YTT. 


Course/Workshop: For courses and workshops the rent is 30% of the total income or a  minimum fee of 1500 kr - whatever is higher - and we help promote the event on our website and social media channels. Remember though, that you are mainly in charge of your marketing. We handle the sign-ups through our booking system.  

Rent of Shala pr hour: This option is for you if you have a private client or session, max 2 participants. The Shala can only be rented outside of class hours, so please check our schedule for availability.

  • Buddha Shala: 850 per hour

  • Shakti Shala: 650 per hour

  • Shiva Shala: 450 per hour




We are getting a lot of requests regarding bookings of the yoga shalas, and it is therefore important for us to make sure that all requests are serious requests. Below you find the steps for securing your booking of our space.


1. Email Camilla at to check for availability.

2. Once availability is confirmed, you secure your booking by paying a deposit of 1500,- NOK pr event. (If you have more than one event in a weekend, 1500,- NOK for the weekend is accepted). The deposit will get deducted from your total payment for renting the space.

Please note: Your booking is not active before we have received your deposit.

Cancellation of event: The deposit will not get refunded in the case you have to cancel your event.

We therefore kindly ask you to choose the date(s) of your event(s) with care. The event has to be canceled by e-mail at least 48 hours before the event, and during the work week (Mon-Fri). Meaning that if you wish to cancel an event on Sunday at 15.00, we need to know by Wednesday 15.00 (meaning you can choose to cancel after your last sign-up update from us).


Changing the dates of your event: There is of course the option to move your event to another date instead of cancelling your event, but as we get a large amount of booking requests, we cannot guarantee you that this is an available option. Changing your event date will add an additional administrative fee of 100,- NOK pr hour you change it.

Follow-up expectations: You will get an e-mail with the number of people signed up to your event/training

2 weeks, and 3 days before your event (on a Tuesday if booked for a Saturday, on Wednesday if booked for a Sunday).

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