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TESTIMONIALS MYSTICA 100H Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

"Most expanding decision I have ever made in my yoga/spiritual career." - Rebekka

Never could I have anticipated the depth of this mystical experience and the subsequent growth that it is leading to. The weave of Kate and Tonjes's lineages has connected my mental mind and my soul in a way that 10 years of solo/studio practicing has not. The experience of being held - firmly and nourishingly, by Kate and Tonje throughout this 100H has brought me exponentially closer to the elements of earth, and the elements of myself. My intuition is strengthened and the feeling of sisterhood through yoga and the mystics - is forever transmuted. - Rebekka

Located in magical Beitostølen this yoga teacher training isn't just your regular one. The two knowledgeable teachers Tonje Næss and Kate Murphy weave together and share all their knowledge in this generous and advanced training program. Whether you are already a yoga teacher looking to deepen your knowledge or an advanced student this is a highly recommended gift to yourself. Get ready to not only learn more about teaching yoga but to learn more about the depths of yourself. And to meet some fellow magical humans at the same time. - Sara

I loved what we did even though it wasn't my comfort zone at all (I hate singing in the morning and get up so early AND move!!!!;DDD It was challenging to share some of my inner worlds with the group but at the same time it was such a beautiful experience to open up and be so close to together. I really feel like I've connected deeply with some lovely ladies. - Silvia, Switzerland

The women. The morning practice. The evening silence. The mystical weave of ancient ways, and the modern perspectives to apply them. I give this training my highest recommendation to anyone who knows yoga can be used as a tool of profound healing. - R.M, Oslo

Beautiful teacher training in a lovely environment in the mountains of Norway. Both Tonje and Kate are so skillful in each their way, which really complements each other. I can recommend this teacher training with all my heart, and find it very special. - Mari Marte, Norway

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