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Women's Day Celebration 08/03

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

In celebration of the Women's day on the 8th of March we invite you to bring along a woman for a free drop in class, just send us a text and we will reserve a spot for your friend! Text us at 97659071 to reserve a spot In addition we are putting up a Feminine Flow on the schedule to honor the inner feminine at 13.30 with Feminine-Flow Goddess Camilla Nicoline. ABOUT FEMININE FLOW In this class you are not only allowed, but encouraged to, drop all facades, and release and let go of all old patterns and blockages that holds you back from being more in tune with what you and your body need. Feminine Flow is a class to dive in deep and discover what feels good to you. Trough stretching, building, shaping, opening and releasing, through breath and movement, you will gently be guided back home to yourself and your divine feminine body, back to your personal center of empowerment, back to you.

In our shop you will find many female-owned brands, and on 8th of March you will get

20% off on all female-owned brand products!

Neven, BeyondYoga, Tøyenstæsj, DharmaStraps, GetRaw

We hope to see you yogis!

xox the Leela Team

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