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Welcome Samhain & All Hallows Eve


Happy Samhain and All Hallows Eve! 🎃🧙🏻

At Samhain we have arrived at the last harvest, and the end of the Wiccan & Celtic year, and this night is considered to be one of the two “spirit-nights” of the year (the other being Beltane/May 1st), where the veil between the worlds are thought to be at its thinnest, bringing with it an energy of enchantment and magic ✨️.

With the spirits out walking, this pagan festival is strongly connected to the topic of death and rebirth: The God has died, and the Goddess mourns him until his rebirth at Yule. The Goddess herself has been through the wheel of the year, transforming from maiden through mother to the old crown, and she is now ready to die to her old ways once more.

This is a night to reflect upon the eternal part of life, remembering that we are all a part of the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. Take time to honor the real and eternal you, as well as to remember and send love and gratitude to your departed loved ones ♡. Samhain is also a time to reflect on everything you have had to let go of this past year as well as a night to celebrate all that will come to take its place ✨️

🎃Season + Element: the transition to winter and the element of Earth.

🎃Incense: Sage, copal, sandalwood, wormwood.

🎃Stones: All black stones, but preferably Jet or Obsidian.

🎃Food: Turnips, apples, gourds, nuts, mulled wine, apple cider, pumpkin pie, beef, pork, poultry.

🎃Decorations: Apples, lanterns, candles, pumpkins, pomegranate.

🎃Colors: Orange, brown, black, and scarlet.

🎃Deities: Loki, Odin, Osiris, Bast, Ishtar, The Morrigan, The Horned God, The Crone.

🎃Corresponding Moon: Balsamic/Dark Moon – symbolizing introspection, sorting the seeds, deep listening, and rebirth through death 🌑

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