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We are still open for practice

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Dear Leela Yogis,

As you are probably aware of the government has announced many new restrictions, and because of that we have chosen to have further restrictions in order to keep our studio open.

According to FHI we are all good, it is only recommended to close the studio if we can not maintain safe distance. As we have big space, good ventilation and easily can keep 1-2 meter distance we can keep distance and will stay open until further notice.

It is important to us to still offer classes to our members in this troubled time, and will do everything we can to keep offering classes in safe conditions.

Everyone can feel safe when coming to practice here, and to make sure that you can we have

  • Reduced spots in all classes

  • All classes will be held in a double shale

  • Labeled 1-2 meters between the mats

  • In addition we ask you to bring you own mats, and to use something to cover bolsters or blocks. It is not allowed to borrow anything without covering it.

In addition to this the same restrictions from last week are still valid

  • Wear a mask in reception + wardrobe area and take it off when you are on your mat

  • Remember to wash or anti-bac your hands when you come in (and before touching any props or mats!)

  • Please change into your yoga-clothes at home, if you for some reason can not: Give people room in the wardrobe, wait for your turn

  • Do not touch anything you are not buying in the store - hard one, we know, but we can help you if you need to smell or try any of our products

  • Stay at home and rest yourself back to health if you are feeling sick, with flu-like symptoms.

For those of you feeling unsafe we are working on streaming some of the classes to zoom - you will find the link in our app (available at GooglePlay or AppleStore). You sign up for class as you normally would, and get the link through the app.

Thank you so much for taking care of yourself and others! <3

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