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Root to Rise: Happy New Moon in Earthy Taurus

May 11th the sun and moon again conjunct, and we have a soft and feminine new moon in the earthy sign of Taurus.

However, as gentle and nurturing as a Taurus moon may be, her sweet energy can get a bit ruffled by the current conjunction to whirlwind Uranus. Let’s just say that sensual, domesticated Taurus does not exactly thrive in the company of wild-card Uranus, the planet of shock and surprises, and whose energy is all over the place at the best of times. To put it this way: Be careful what you wish for under this new moon, as your world may suddenly flip and give you what you want sooner than you think.

Still, new moons are times of reflection, and our monthly opportunity to reset our goals and intentions. Having stepped out of last month’s impatient and fiery Aries energy, Taurus beginnings are slow and solid. Where Aries might bring the quick transformation of a fire, Taurus brings the slow transformation that comes with watering and taking care of a tiny seed planted in the earth. At the Taurus new moon, we reach for the stars – while keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground. It is all about those goals and plans that we are willing to nurture over the long haul.

But Taurus’ energy is also about appreciating the abundance we already have. Ruled by loved goddess Venus, a Taurus new moon the perfect time to adore life’s simple pleasures. Run a flower bath, nourish your garden, smell the flowers, read in front of the fireplace, enjoy warm, soft fabrics, sweet kisses, savory meals, vintage wine…the list goes on. Taurus simply loves to indulge in the finer things in life, and there is an ever-present longing to live in harmony and to be present with the beauty that surrounds her.

Taurus also likes to take her sweet time and to her it is a necessity to schedule much needed time to rest and relax. She thrives best when she can move through life at ‘Taurus time’, giving herself time to build solid foundations, and feel grounded and connected to the earth. Let the Taurus new moon be your opportunity to do the same.

On the more shadowy side, Taurus’ energy can easily drag us into a mentality of lack and fear, so embrace the bull’s energy with awareness. Too much of that rooted energy and you may get glued to that comfortable sofa, stuck in your own stubbornness, unable to leave your comfort zone if your life depended on it. Too little and you will mindlessly be numbing out unpleasant emotions by running around nonstop, distracting yourself from being present and over-indulging in life’s pleasures, so see if you can find the middle way. The main purpose of learning about these energies that always surround us, is after all so that we can adapt and draw on their strengths as well as be prepared for their weaknesses, and personally I definitely prefer to work with the energies, rather than try to avoid them and fight a constant upstream battle.

There is no need to be scared of the energies, though. As long as you don’t refuse your guidance and your growth, life will always flow in the direction of your soul’s purpose. What you can do is to practice awareness, and to start to get even better at scheduling those moments by yourself, taking time to breathe, ground and practice self-love. The Taurus new moon is also a good time to start embracing material simplicity and to take time to de-clutter and simplify your life. The less clutter, the less chances of things getting tossed around, right?

Also, if you are one of those that has a bit too much of that Taurus’ sluggishness hindering you in taking chances and moving forward, the current Uranus conjunction might actually give you exactly the push you need to get your but up and moving. And if we can manage to not cling to status quo, Uranus’ abrupt changes can definitely be a means to liberation, bringing in a breath of fresh air, and freeing us of our old and outdated behaviors.

Nevertheless, as the stillness of the new moon wraps itself around you, set aside time for that much needed me-time in true Taurus fashion. Slow down, do some neck stretches (Taurus rules the neck and throat chakra), soak in the flower bath and be patient and loving towards yourself. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and root down into the healing energies of Pachamama.

Connect again with that sacred pool of stillness within yourself. Then listen. Do not grasp. Do not run. Simply be, and let the stillness bring the answers to you, as you let yourself align with that moment of truth.

Then, send out your new moon wishes, as you find the courage to let go and surrender your wishes with an open heart. Trusting the future and your process, you create space for the Universe to do her manifesting magic, knowing that the new moon will light the path ahead for you.

New Moon Blessings!

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