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Diving Deep: Happy New Moon in Dreamy Pisces

Astrologically, March is as always an eventful month, hosting not only the regular new- and full moon, but also the spring equinox, together with the astral new year, when the sun enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, on Saturday, March 20th.

Per definition, a new moon is considered a time of new beginnings, but as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, March’ new moon brings with it a powerful shift in energy. Being a doorway from one season to the next, the Pisces moon naturally brings with it the energy of closure as it wraps up the astrological year gone by. In only a week we will be stepping from the dreamy and mellow Pisces energy that has been surrounding us for the past month, to fire starter Aries’ fast forward energy, so make sure you collect and tie up all lose ends, before the ram kicks in.

But first things first. Pisces being a mutable water sign, its energy is soft, sensitive, intuitive and fluid. Consequently, with the sun and moon currently transiting this emotional sign, accompanied by communicator Mercury and Pisces own ruling planet, Neptune, being surrounded by all this dreamy Pisces energy may very well heighten you own emotions at this time as well. Do not run from it though. Feel it. Take advantage of the natural stillness that comes with the new moon and use the stillness of the dark sky as an opportunity to connect with your own inner world. What is being whispered? Listen.

As always, when we experience a transition of some sort, we want to take time to stop and reflect upon our journey so far. We all need to get rid of some weeds in our life from time to time, and the time around the spring equinox, with its energy of equality and balance is a perfect time to bring your soul back to equilibrium as well. Where have you been, where are you headed, and most importantly, where are you right now? Make notes on what you need – or do not need – to get back to balance. How – and where – can you find your stability and wholeness?

Draw on the enchanting Pisces moon to bring a sense of completion to your life as you wrap up what has been. Looking back, it is often easier to see how everything in life fits together in its own special and unique way, like pieces in a puzzle. And even though you might not be exactly where you wish to be right now (are we ever?!), stop beating yourself up over decisions already made, and bring your focus to the present moment. Not even detours are a waste of time, and whoever said that life should be a straight line, completely missed out on the purpose of life in my opinion. In other words, wherever you are at the moment, trust that that is exactly where you are meant to be. You are good enough right where you are!

In fact, your life’s most challenging experiences and unavoidable lessons may ultimately be what brings you your greatest rewards. So rather than being so critical towards yourself, ask yourself what you have learned so far? What can you change? Where can you do better? And what has reached its completion? As one astrological year concludes and a new one begins, wrap it up and let what needs to go, go. After all, you want to be centered and strong when the fast-forward Aries energy hits you Saturday next week!

And while you may prefer the new moon for sending out your wishes and desires, March’ soft and fluid Pisces moon also carries a very profound healing energy, bringing with it the opportunity to release any pain you have been holding. With the moon in sensitive Pisces sextiling Pluto, the lord of the underworld, do not be surprised if strong emotions and old wounds bubble to the surface at this time. The sextile to Pluto invites us to go deep., so see if you can keep yourself open to receive the unexpected and find the courage to embrace both shocks and surprises.

And even though it may be tempting to do what you always do when these unpleasant memories and emotion arises – eat, work, read, sleep, run, clean the house or whatever escape mechanism your subconscious has learned to use for you to feel safe – try to stay with whatever arises. Ask yourself “how am I feeling right now?” and then “is it possible for me to sit with it?”.

Pisces with its deep emotional waters and strong emotions are notorious for wanting to escape reality. The emotions just get too much sometimes. And being highly influenced by its ruler, dreamy Neptune, who is currently transitioning Pisces, escapism can be more than just a little tempting. Do not let yourself slip into denial about what is revealing itself to you at this time, though. Trust that whatever energy is pushing and flowing around you and through you, is to aid you in releasing any stagnant energies of the past. Do not fight it. Take a deep belly breath, resist that constant desire to be in control, and trust that everything will be revealed in Divine Timing.

Often, we want to be shown the whole picture, but we must understand that this is not always in our best interest. More often than not, we are not ready yet, and knowing it all would only leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Instead, love yourself enough to let that need go, Bring forth that side of you that can relax with ease, simply trusting that the waters of life will carry you where you are meant to, as surely as the river runs towards the sea. Pisces are like the deep waters of the unknown, so see if you can let the future remain a mystery for now.

Now, take some time to slow down and explore your own Pisces nature. Embrace your creative sides; visualize, create, sing and dance. Allow the Piscean energy to amplify your dreamy state and dream big, bold, beautiful, and joyously. Then slow down, just breathe, feel your heartbeat, and reconnect with your inner self and your intuition. And enjoy the water element. Nourish your body; drink plenty, soak into a bath, swim in the ocean. Let the water flush over you and draw on its healing powers, letting it help you clear away all the emotions and energy that holds you back or drags you down. Feel the lightness that arrives in the body as you are washed clear of past hurts. Then relax, meditate, surrender, and release. As you slowly release that which no longer serves you, you create space for the new beginnings. For something better to enter your life.

In the Vedic tradition this new moon, Mahashivaratri (meaning “the Great Night of Shiva), is considered the most magical moon of the year. It is a time to ask yourself what you want to bring into your life, so spend a couple of minutes reflecting upon how you would like to feel this coming year? What type of energy would you like to surround yourself with? What type of people? But be aware, its powers are strong, so be mindful of your desires – you might just get what you wish for!

Do remember though, that good fortune is intrinsically tied to your spiritual development, and will only endure if you have earned it, so remain humble and grateful, and stay true to your morals and beliefs. If you are courageous enough to live life with an open heart and to always choose love and forgiveness, despite your fears, the Universe kindly rewards you.

In short: Wrap up the loose end from the year past, be mindful of the lessons you have learned, and accept, forgive, and let go. Be appreciative of your journey so far and find gratitude for all that you have learnt through your challenges. Then plant your seeds for the future and turn your focus towards the path that is slowly revealing itself in front of you. Be grateful that you don’t know it all, knowing that not knowing the future keeps you right where you need to be: fully present, in the moment.

A brand-new astrological year is about to arrive, let go of the reins and open up for the magic to happen! There is no limit to the brilliance that can result during this time, so take the leap and surrender to the opportunities presented to you. A brand-new reality is about to arrive. What will be the headline of your next chapter?

New Moon Blessing and happy soon to be Astral New Year!

Tonje xx


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