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Happy Imbolc - first spring

Happy Imbolc, yogis! The Celtic fire festival Imbolc – or first spring – is a cross-quarter day celebrated when sun is exactly halfway between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

The Sabbat marks the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God, and is a day to honor the rebirth of the Sun, and to celebrate the passing of Winter, and the first signs of spring. The time around Imbolc is usually a time of heightened anticipation and hope for Spring and new beginnings to arrive. Imbolc is also a day of celebrating the Celtic Goddess Brigid, the Goddess of poetry, fertility, healing, smith-craft, regeneration, livestock and light.

She is said to be a triple Goddess, reborn on Imbolc from the crone of winter to the maiden of spring, and this Sabbat honors her in all her aspects. Imbolc is the perfect time for communing with this healing and loving Goddess, and Pagans and Wiccans usually choose to honor her memory during this time by lighting dozens candles – white for Brigid, and yellow or red ones for the God and the Sun.

Season + Element: the transition to Spring and the element of Air.

Incense: Rosemary, Frankincense, Myrrh & Cinnamon

Stones: Red stones like Garnet and bloodstone, as well as cleansing stones such as clear quartz.

Food: Anything made with seeds, dairy, homemade bread and cakes, spiced wines, soup of winter vegetables

Decorations: Corn Dolly, Besom, Spring Flowers, Candles and Brigid’s cross.

Colors: White, Orange & Red

Deities: Brigid, The Triple Goddess as Maiden, Eros, Osiris, Pan, Herne, Athena.

Corresponding Moon: Crescent Moon – symbolizing wonder, discovery and curiosity.

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