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Happy Full Moon in Virgo

A full moon is the perfect time to let go and release, and on this specific full moon, the last before we enter Aries season.

Astrological new year, is our chance to let go of all we do not want to bring with us into the new year.

On a Virgo full moon we let go of the Virgo energy we do not wish to hold on to such as: Perfectionism and the need to control and be perfect.

A full moon is a great time to write down what you no longer wish to bring with you from the past moon cycle, and this time: from the past year.

Virgo lives in the lower abdomen & digestive system, meaning that any yoga pose with focus on the lower belly is a good choice

Rosemary, peppermint and lemon a good essential oils for a virgo full moon. Lavender is also great to calm down the need for organized perfection and surrender.

Some questions to reflect upon during this Full Moon:
What do you want to let go of from March 2021 until now What are you ready to release? What behavior or thought pattern of perfectionism can you release? What do you no longer need to bring with you into the new astrological year?

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