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YogAstrology® Initiation Training:
Mandala of Wholeness 

Whether you are a yoga teacher wanting to learn how to apply Yogastrology® to your classes and workshops, or simply curious and wish to deepen your knowledge of the yoga + astrology correlations, the Yogastrology® Initiation Training is for you!

What you'll learn in this training


  • …more about yourself and your sun sign, connecting astrology to the divinity that is your body.

  • …how to connect yoga + astrology, building bridges between the ancient sister systems.

  • …how to embody the four elements / Fire / Air / Water / Earth, transforming your everyday wellness into a personal healing ritual.

  • …powerful intention settings, and healing ways to work with journaling throughout the seasons.

  • …how to create simple rituals in sync with the natural rhythms of the sun + moon.

  • …how to put it all together to lead gatherings/workshops/women’s circles, or simply for your own personal spiritual practice.

  • And much more!


This is a twelve (12) hour Certified Yogastrology® Initiation Training. All books and course materials are included in the price, and you will receive your Yogastrology® Initiation Diploma at the end of the last day of the course.


Saturday we start with a Yogastrology® inspired vinyasa flow class, followed by  tea & raw TheCakeYogi treat, before diving into you, your sun sign and the astrology + asana correlation and wellness practices for the signs.


After lunch the focus shifts from “me” to “we” and  you will work together in groups, creating your own Yogastrology® inspired yoga class/ceremony/ritual.


Sunday we again start the day with Yogastrology® inspired vinyasa flow class, followed by signature Leela Breakfast Club porridge with all the toppings + coffee, and then group work where you will prepare a practice focusing on one specific sign. After lunch you all get to present the group work.


We close the training with a Pisces New Moon Cacao Ceremony, diving deep into the spiritual and dreamy realms, through chanting, oracle cards, meditation and yoga nidra. 


Teacher: Synnøve Sjøtveit

Where: Leela Gamlebyen



Saturday 18th of February: 14.30 - 18.30

Sunday 19th of February: 10.00 - 18.00



​Super Early-Bird: 2850,- (until 01.11)

Early-Bird: 3350,- (until 01.12)

Regular: 3750,- 

Price Includes:

  • All books, course material

  • Diploma

  • Raw treat & tea Saturday

  • Leela oatmeal breakfast & coffee Sunday

  • Cacao Ceremony Sunday

Questions about the training?
E-mail to

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