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Happy New Moon in Gemini

Updated: May 31, 2022

Today, Monday, May 30th, the sun and moon conjunct, and we have this year’s new moon in the first air sign of the zodiac; charming and quick-witted Gemini.

Chatty, easy-going, and fun, Gemini is always welcomed to the party. Fluttering around, this social butterfly loves to gather bits and pieces of information about everything and nothing, without getting to the depth of any subject, reminding us that life does not always have to be so serious. Whatever is going on in your life as we speak, see if you too can draw on these easy-breezy energies surrounding you at the moment. Truly embrace the bright and curious vibes of this changeable air sign and allow yourself to browse through all the exciting topics you would love to learn more about, but never find time for.

Ruled by the messenger planet, Mercury the Gemini new moon is also an excellent time for both the spoken and written word. Just like the twins symbolizing Gemini, you will more easily be able to see both sides of a problem at this time, making you more diplomatic and tactful. However, before you get all excited, it is important to keep in mind that this duality could potentially make it challenging for you to make up your mind about anything at this time, so stay centered and true to your heart to reap the benefits rather than the pitfalls.

Be aware though, as Mercury is retrograde in the fixed sign of Taurus as we speak, that this may make us more stubborn and prone to miscommunicate than normal. It is therefore important to see if you can start with simply observing whatever arises in your mind without acting on it. Take a deep breath and take the time to properly think through what you are about to say, making sure what you plan to communicate is constructive and with some real substance.

Also, be aware that the impatient and restless Gemini can make you prone to mindless chatter, and spending the longer days socializing at summer parties, and gossiping over your favorite drink might be your favorite activity at this time. However, as always, make sure to carve out some time in your schedule to just be you as well.

Because as easy-going as Gemini may be, this changeable air sign’s fluttery energy can all too easily cloud your judgment and make you stuck in your head, leaving you both anxious and fearful, with no sense of grounding.

Consequently, if you start to feel spaced out, anxiety arising and thoughts spinning at a thousand miles per hour; make an effort to come back home to yourself. Take a couple of deep belly breaths, and let yourself drop out of your head and dive down into your body, grounding yourself through our always loving Earth-Mama, creating space for stillness, and bringing forth the opportunity to make decisions from a place of love over fear.

Remember though, that when our own shadows come to light and become visible, this is our opportunity to work with them, embrace them, and grow through awareness of our own challenging tendencies. And that no matter what is triggered at this time, however, scattered you may feel, you are always worthy of love and affection. Most importantly, no matter how confusing and conflicting the world may be on the outside, never forget that you can always find all the answers you need within if you take the time to create the stillness needed to hear your heart and soul.

So, drop those shoulders down, and bring your focus to the opportunities for pure, new beginnings that come with every new moon. With the airy Gemini moon brimming with fresh ideas, you now can harness the power of the mind as well as the manifesting magic of the universe. Set your intention and reach for the stars. You are worthy of your wildest dreams.

New Moon Blessings ♡

Yogastrology Initiation

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As the seasons change, so do we. We humans are intricately a part of nature, of Mother Earth and her cycles, and as such we are not meant to have the same focus or the same yoga practice throughout the year. This is what inspired us to create MYSTICA: A 100h advanced vinyasa-based yoga teacher training, which brings in the seasons, the cycles, and the magic of the phases – both in nature and in our bodies.


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