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Friday 09.12: Last Full Moon Ceremony of the year: Gemini

We celebrate the last full moon of 2022 in the sign of the airy social butterfly: Gemini. Geminis element is breath, and its body part according to YogAstrology is shoulders. Gemini is all about communication, social life & the mind, which is why we will spend this ceremony together with the intention to control the active mind and ground into our body, and communicate from there - through song, writing and sharing. You can also expect a YogAstrology-inspired asana practice, focusing on both shoulders (Gemini) and hips (Sagittarius, Geminis counterpart) to calm that Full Moon chatting mind of the Gemini. Welcome to a Full Moon Ceremony at Leela. The Full Moon is always a time to release, let go and surrender - as well as dive into the different subjects and archetypes each sign of the zodiac represents. Throughout the autumn we will host a Full Moon ceremony every month, and the ceremony will contain a yoga part, where we connect yoga & astrology, as well as meditation, perhaps nidra, oracle cards and journaling. These ceremonies sell out fast, so make sure to book your spot in the circle if you feel called!

Friday 9th of December 18.30 - 20.00 250,- nok with Christine Albertsen & Synnøve Sjøtveit

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