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25.09: Sweet Escape Sunday

Are you in need of a little break from everyday life? Do you need a recharge? Sweet escape is created to be a reminder that you are worthy of being held and cared for. An escape from everyday life so that you can be you -- move, breathe and reset. 
This workshop will consist of: 
  • Mindful flow

  • Restorative poses

  • Meditation

  • Self-massage

  • Journaling

Most of the time we direct our energy upwards and out, and we don’t take the time to just be in our body, to find what feels good and to cultivate our self-love. We are doing so much to care for others and are often forgetting to take care of our own body, mind and soul. In this workshop we will move through a mindful flow, connecting breath and movement, open our heart and release blockages. This will be followed by a guided self-massage, your own personal blessing, to really honour your body. This will calm your nerveous system down so you are ready to rest in restorative poses. To connect with your inner self and wisdom, you will then be guided through a meditation. We will close our time together with journaling to help you express how you can let more self-love and -care into your daily life This mini-retreat is suitable for alle level yogis and is put together so you will feel recharged, supported and nurtured.


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