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New-to-yoga: classes for you!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

We are so so happy when people who have not practiced a lot of yoga (or at all!) want to join our community - WELCOME!

Lots of you wonder which classes are the best fit for you in the very beginning, and here is the answer: All classes marked with I (level I) are suitable for you, as well as Yin classes.

In our new schedule of 2022 the best classes for the newbies are:

Rise & Shine on Tuesdays at 07.00
Slow Flow on Thursdays at 19.00
Yin & Breathwork on Mondays at 20.00
Yin + Nidra on Wednesdays at 18.45 and Fridays at 12.30
Heart Flow on Thursdays at 12.30

You could also start going to the Morning Vinyasa, Hip Flow and Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior - just keep in mind that it takes some time to get a hold of it, and that with practice all is coming.

So, even if you feel a little unstable and perhaps uncomfortable to start with, your body will quickly adapt to the flows. Our muscle memory is so intelligent, and sometimes our body understands the movement before our mind. So, just try it out, be patient with yourself - and remember that EVERYONE started once. Also the one snake-like person next to you, they also went to their first class once, just like you.

Another tip: the quiet mind also comes with practice, so do not beat yourself up if your min is busy and active; that is the job of our minds, and it is completely normal. However, when we start practicing yoga and meditation, our mind will quiet after a while.

And this is also normal thought to have during yoga, when you are a beginner, and also when you have practiced for years.

xox The Leela Team


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