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Mental Health Week Events

This week is special. Even though our yoga practice is always a good idea for our mental health, this week we have a special menu for you!

This week you can follow along on instagram for mental health & mindfulness tips, as well as guided live meditations with our wonderful Veronica Garcia!

On Friday we welcome you to a free meditation class in the Hong Sau technique with a sharing circle, and then; we all go for pizza (oops, pizza not included).

To sign up for the meditation & sharing, do so in the app as usual.

To sign up for the pizza, so we can book a big enough table, send an e-mail to

08.00: Guided meditation with Veronica
19.15: Yoga nidra with Synnøve

Guided gratitude meditation & journaling with Synnøve

18.00 Meditation & sharing circle, with pizza afterwards

Follow along on instagram for guided meditations, tips & resources, as well as info about all the events

xox The Leela Team


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