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Into astrology and yoga? Join the YogAstrology Initiation Training in September!

From the 23-25 of September you can join Leela-founder Tonje Næss in Beitostølen for a weekend of diving deep into astrology & yoga. Early-bird price ends this Sunday, 1st of May!

Whether you are a yoga teacher wanting to learn how to apply Yogastrology® to your classes and workshops, or simply curious and wish to deepen your knowledge of the yoga + astrology correlations, the Yogastrology® Initiation Training is for you!

In the Yogastrology® Initiation Training you will learn…

  • …more about yourself and your sun sign, connecting astrology to the divinity that is your body.

  • …how to connect yoga + astrology, building bridges between the ancient sister systems.

  • …how to embody the four elements / Fire / Air / Water / Earth, transforming your everyday wellness into a personal healing ritual.

  • …powerful intention settings, and healing ways to work with journaling throughout the seasons.

  • …how to create simple rituals in sync with the natural rhythms of the sun + moon.

  • …how to put it all together to lead gatherings/workshops/women’s circles, or simply for your own personal spiritual practice.

  • And much more!

Your YogAstrology-teacher: Tonje Næss

Where you'll stay

Visit this link for all the info

and e-mail Tonje with any questions

xx the Leela Team


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