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Happy New Moon in Pisces

The Pisces New Moon is watery, dreamy, spiritual and calls for reflection on subjects related to the Pisces archetype such as spirituality, creativity, emotions and sensitivity. You might find yourself more emotional, sensitive and introverted during this time - both because it is a new moon, a dark sky, meaning it is time to rest, relax and retreat.

And also because Pisces is a very emotional sign and even if it might feel uncomfortable, this moon invites us to sit with our inner darkness and explore it - and remembering that in the darkness is often where we also find our inner magic and can plant seeds that can sprout later on.

In YogAstrology Pisces is connected to our feet, so this can be a wonderful time to give yourself a foot massage (or go get one!) or maybe a foot bath with some grounding essential oils. Orange, lemon balm and rose are especially good for Pisces.

Are you interested in Astrology? And wondering how you can unite your interest with yoga? Then we have got the perfect weekend for you: YogAstrology Initiation Training; Mandala of Wholeness. with Tonje Næss.


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