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Happy Full Moon in the Sign of the Corn Maiden

Beautiful picture of corn maiden Christine <3

This Tuesday, March 7th, 2023, the sun and moon are again opposing each other, as March hosts the last full moon of the astrological year in the sign of the corn maiden; earthy and rational Virgo.

A full moon in Virgo brings with it an air of structure and neatness. Virgo needs to feel needed and thrives best when she can be of service, and with this goddess being the ruler of the zodiac’s 6th house of health and service, grab the opportunity under this full moon to do some personal inventory as well. On the Virgo - Pisces axis this invites us to find a balance between day-to-day workings and routines, physical health, and the need for order (all Virgo related) and vision, spiritual health, disorder, and the infinite (Pisces). How are Virgo vs Pisces balanced in your life? Start by checking in with yourself as well as your loved ones, then make a plan (A good plan is indeed the key to a Virgo’s ♡) as to how you can be of service to the world and take care of yourself at the same time.

This full moon can very well be an eye-opening time for your work, habits, health, and routines. With the Virgo full moon opposing the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune, all in emotional and watery Pisces, the energy of the full moon may bring with it a strong message from our intuition. However, the earthy Virgo full moon vs all that strong watery Neptunian energy can quickly become a slippery mud slide – reflecting only what we – or our Ego – want to see. And however grounded and structured Virgo may be, when forced to face the sun transitioning fluid, irrational Pisces, the energy surrounding us at this time may feel far from peaceful and grounded, and closer to an internal war zone between our head and our heart.

Virgo likes to have her barriers up. In Pisces, our guard is down. This water sign leaves us feeling soft and malleable. Fluid and changeable. And utterly ruled by our emotions. This is not an easy task to handle for a structured Virgo who prefers everything in order, in its right place, at all times. Virgo simply doesn’t know what to do with it. It’s like trying to grasp water with a strainer or controlling the tides of the ocean, which, needless to say, makes Virgo feel both anxious and overwhelmed.

On a positive note, if you can find the means to not get carried away by this maelstrom, you have the opportunity to really ground yourself here on planet earth, by drawing on the rational and practical earth sign of Virgo. We too often get carried away reaching for the stars when what we really need is to slow down. We seem to think that all the answers are ‘out there’ when the truth is that intuition comes from rooting down and feeling grounded, NOT from ‘flying high’. That flying is more often than not the root of the confusion in our lives.

So, if you can manage to ground yourself properly, the influence from the cluster of planets in Pisces may actually strengthen your intuition, and even bring a couple of insights and missing pieces to the table. Virgo’s practicality can help you to stay put when emotional tidal waves hit you, and help you sort confusion and delusion from true universal guidance.

Remember to be patient with yourself as you go, though. We often grasp for answers we are not supposed to have yet, but the earth signs are here to remind us that we are indeed allowed to plan ahead and take it slow. Slow and steady wins the race as they say.

However, make sure to use the energies wisely. The moon in Virgo is simply not as strong as its Neptunian opposition, so if something doesn’t feel 100% right, wait until these deceptive energies have mellowed before you make your move.

Besides, there is simply no need – at least not at this time – to resolve everything at once. If you feel lost and confused, all you need to do is stop, breathe, and touch base with your roots again. And if emotions are flying high, remind yourself that this too shall pass. #justbreathe

On a positive note, the dept of all the planets in Pisces can help us to add some water to Virgo earth that is cracked and dry. In other words, if you feel that you have run dry, you can draw on the water element to help you soften. Virgo might like everything to be “just so”, but the strong Neptunian energy surrounding us is here to remind us that there’s no need to hold it all together any longer. And even if perfectionistic Virgo may be scared to surrender the barriers and flaunt her flaws to the world, this full moon has come to let us know it’s time to give the head a rest, and let the moon do her healing magic. Everyone is allowed to let go once in a while, so surrender, and gently let the water of Pisces carry you into the depths of your soul.

Now is the time to stop resisting and start to surrender. Now is the time to let go of your Ego, of your fears of failure, and start to trust. Simply set an intention to be guided, then surrender yourself to the magnificent wisdom of mother moon. If you take the time to listen, this full moon will be guiding you along where you need to go before you know it.

Trust that whatever is coming up for you around this full moon are the areas in your life that truly needs healing, and let your intuition guide you toward the perfect solution, knowing that if you just dare to trust your soul's soft guiding,

She might not look like it, but Virgo is also a courageous soul warrior, making this full moon a wonderful time for self-healing. Let yourself soften, draw on the strength of powerful Virgo’s divine feminine powers, and dive into your heart’s intelligence instead.

Sort out everything in your life that isn’t serving your highest good. What are you filling your days with? Your life? Detoxify on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, and give your every day a good scrub, only keeping what is serving you. Tap into the transformative powers of this strong goddess, knowing that your true strength and power come from your heart center. Practice self-love and be patient with yourself as you restore and heal what may be broken.

So, for now, give yourself some much-needed self-love. Take a moment to just breathe and sit in stillness. Journal it all out if needed but remember to honor that quiet voice within. After all, you need to be quiet to hear your soul’s whisper.

Full Moon blessings ♡

Tonje xx


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