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Get ready to sparkle this Sunday! Full Moon write up

Get ready to sparkle this Sunday, February 5th, when we have this year’s first fiery Full Moon in 16 degrees Leo.

Leo, a fixed sign, ruled by the sun, likes to shine. Leo is affectionate and generous, playful and optimistic. They have a lion’s heart, are bold and courageous, and place their ambitions high. They can be loyal to a fault, but also highly self-centered, if not self-aware.

And as the glamorous fire sign Leo couples up with lucky and expansive Jupiter and fire starter Mars, there will, without doubt, be an element of magic and passion to 2023’s second Full Moon, handing you the sparks needed to once and for all say “hasta la vista” to the past and step onto your own hero’s journey with a Leo’s bold heart. Because the courageous and spirited sign of the Leo is all about learning to live fearlessly from the center of our being. Under the energies of this playful and free-spirited Full Moon, you are asked to call on your courage, embrace your inner child and take a chance on life. What are you passionate about? What brings you joy? How can you bring more creativity and play into your life?

If you are one of those who have stopped playing and feel that life is now just about serious business, this is your chance to change that mentality. Play is good for mind body and soul and the Leo Full Moon is urging you to step out of your comfort zone and be brave with your life. This is your chance to start dreaming your world into being, and with the moon’s trine to lucky Jupiter + a sextile to driven Mars, you might just get there sooner than you think, so be ready!!

Take time today to sit with yourself in meditation, focus on your heart, and draw in the high spirits of the brave lion. Then surrender your heart to the journey ahead, and trust that you are Guided. If you get out of your own way, it’s so much easier for the Universe to do her magic. The beautiful energy of this heartfelt, fiery Full Moon is simply pushing you toward your heart's calling. Have faith in your path and your process, and let the Universe do what she does best, knowing that whatever unfolds at this time is written in the stars. Enjoy the ride, lovelies!!


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