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6.11: Full Moon Ceremony in Taurus

Eliann and Sara are in the Wild Mountains in the Mystica YTT right now, soaking up new wisdom and inspiration as to how to hold an absolutely magical ceremony for us at Leela this Sunday! They are come straight from Beitostølen, bringing the energy and nature from the mountains to this Earthy Full Moon Ceremony. Spots are filling up, so be quick if you feel the call!

Welcome to a Full Moon Ceremony at Leela. The Full Moon is always a time to release, let go and surrender - as well as dive into the different subjects and archetypes each sign of the zodiac represents. Throughout the autumn we will host a Full Moon ceremony every month, and the ceremony will contain a yoga part, where we connect yoga & astrology, as well as meditation, perhaps nidra, oracle cards and journaling. These ceremonies sell out fast, so make sure to book your spot in the circle if you feel called!

Sunday 6th of November 18.30 - 20.00 250,- nok with Eliann Tømmermo & Sara Wegge

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