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12.08 CEREMONY: Full Moon in Aquarius

Welcome to a Full Moon Ceremony at Leela.

The Full Moon is always a time to release, let go and surrender - as well as dive into the different subjects and archetypes each sign of the zodiac represents. Throughout the autumn we will host a Full Moon ceremony every month, and the ceremony will contain a yoga part, where we connect yoga & astrology, as well as meditation, perhaps nidra, oracle cards and journaling.

For the Aquarius Full Moon 12.08 you can join Christine & Synnøve for a yoga practice inspired by YogAstrology:

focusing on the ankles (Aquarius) and the heart + spine (Leo, Aquarius´ opposite). As Aquarius element is air, you can expect some pranayama practices.

As the Aquarius archetype is an original visionary, we will dive into the visions or beliefs about ourselves and/or others, and what we need to release to move forward and make the world a better place for ourselves & everyone around us.

You can also expect some fitting essential oils as well as oracle card drawing in this ceremony.

Warm welcome, and since this is the first ceremony this autumn: It is FREE!

Bring a journal, pen, comfortable clothes and any object (crystal etc) you feel like.


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