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Camilla is a web and graphic designer and the founder of Yogamagasinet - an online magazine for yogis! - and is today certified in Hatha Yoga from Abhijna School of Yoga and Meditation, India, as well as in Yogic Arts, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Restorative. She has specializing in Womb Sciences, Pelvic Floor Anatomy & Physiology for Women’s Health and Menstrual Reclamation.


Besides being a dedicated yogi, Camilla is also a former top athlete, and has brought home no less than a gold medal from the world cup in kickboxing!  


Camilla is a dedicated teacher, and you can feel her presence in her teaching. She truly sees every single person she interacts with, and shares from her heart. 

My morning routine: I listen to my body every morning, and usually let the body decide the mornings. Most days the alarm will go off at 7 am, followed by a large glass water and a couple of yin poses for letting go (caterpillar, dragonfly, butterfly), followed by a 20 minute meditation. Then I'll turn up the volume and add some lovely music to my day as I get ready followed by a Cami special smoothie and a kick of coffee. Now we're ready to meet the day! ...and a bit more grounded and relaxed as well ;)


The world needs more: People who accept each other as is!


Love is: Mild, brave and life-giving.

I can't get enough of: Good conversation with those close to me, listening, knowledge, music, books, flowers, art, fresh air and hugs.


Yoga is: A tool teaching us to accept ourselves as we are. By accepting ourselves we can give more love and understanding to those around us and ourselves. Yoga also reminds you every moment, every day, how important the breath is.


My mantra: “Everything I need will always, always, find me”​

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