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Synnøve is behind TheCakeYogi, her own business where she teaches yoga and makes healthy + nourishing cakes with great passion. Her background is in teaching - Spanish & Religion in high school as well as Norwegian to foreigners. She started practicing yoga after her first Yoga Nidra experience in India in 2011, she knew she had do dive deeper into he universe of yoga. 


She has studied yoga in Spain, India and Norway - and holds certifications in Vinyasa, RajaYoga, Restorative & Nidra, as well as YogAstrology Initiation. She is also in a YogaSomatics training. What inspires her to teach is her passion for allowing ourselves to rest and just be, as well as embracing and teaching the philosophy of yoga to her students. She is also very inspired by astrology, oracle cards and the power of journaling.

My morning routine: I love waking up and taking it so so slow, lighting candles and meditating (coffee in hand), and then reading/journaling or drawing an oracle card. I always find time for these quiet mornings, and it is a sacred time for me. 


The world needs more of: Spiritual people, rest and relaxation, and with that comes compassion for oneself and others.


I believe in: my bodys wisdom, my intuition and to rest deeply and often

Love is: trust, compassionate and strong

I can't get enough of: CATS! Yoga nidra, baking, resting, nature, deep conversations, yoga, astrology, cuddles and hugs, cacao and reading + telling people to relax!


Yoga is: the philosophy and practice inspiring me to be a better, more compassionate, slower and calmer version of myself + my way home 


My mantra: All action begins in rest - Lao Tzu


This year I want to: share what has inspired me (yoga!)  hoping it will inspire more people into a consciously slow and restful way of life + share my cakes and goodies with the world!

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