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Summer is slowly becoming autumn, and with autumn comes a new yoga schedule, some old and some new yoga classes, monthly Leela Breakfast Clubs, and, of course, plenty of courses, workshops, and ceremonies for you to dive deep, learn, and evolve as a yogi. We look forward to welcoming you back to weeks filled with fun, flow, laughter, challenges, deep breaths, and relaxation! LEELA BREAKFAST CLUB One Friday a month, we invite you to Leela Breakfast Club! Join Morning Vinyasa, and enjoy a FREE breakfast (delicious oats with all the toppings!) + coffee from Fuglen with us to start your day off right. The first Friday is the 25th of August! We hope to see many of you there!


It is said that ceremonies are the language of the soul, and they are indeed a fantastic way to gather together and celebrate with like-minded souls in a community, as well as a sacred space of transformation and healing. Throughout the autumn, we will host monthly New- and Full Moon ceremonies and cacao ceremonies celebrating the eight Pagan sabbats throughout the year. Each ceremony will be tailored to its specific purpose. Still, you can expect some - or all - of the different elements: yoga, meditation/nidra, pranayama/breathwork, intention setting, song/chant, astrology, fire ceremonies, oracle cards, and journaling.

WORKSHOPS & COURSES Yoga for men, yoga for busy mums, and yoga for beginners. Or maybe you want to FINALLY learn how to handstand?! Whatever your desire, yogis, we've got you covered. Besides, a workshop is the perfect part of a staycation, so if you have a busy autumn in front of you, make sure to book in time to nourish yourself. TO READ THE FULL NEWSLETTER, CLICK HERE.

See you on the mat, yogis! The Leela Team xox

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