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Super Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Fiery Sagittarius

With the sun currently transiting airy Gemini, Wednesday’s super full moon and lunar eclipse will be in the twins opposing sign; fiery Sagittarius. Starting to shift our focus from earthy Taurus’ basic survival needs and the primal energy of last month’s rather intense Scorpio moon, this month will bring some much-needed lightheartedness and a spark of renewed energy and purpose.

Ruled by messenger Mercury (currently transiting its home sign), Gemini brings life to our ideas and thoughts, and teaming up with fire-starter Sagittarius, there should be nothing stopping us from getting our ideas out there. Sagittarius is all about expanding our horizon, and the generous archer loves to give advice and share experiences, always encouraging us to better understand and broaden our perception of the world. Communication, attitude, and our sense of adventure will all be strongly connected to this full moon and lunar eclipse.

No matter how easygoing the current energies may be though, it is important to remember that a full moon is always Sun opposing Moon, highlighting opposing forces in our life. Polarities are rarely easy, and, thus, the time of the full moon will always bring the challenge of balancing the representing opposing energies.

To fiery Sagittarius, the energy of airy Gemini can come across as a bit too indecisive and superficial. Gemini, only brushing the surface of topics, knows something about everything, while passionate and adventurous Sagittarius are on a quest for meaning and ideas that expand upon the “here and now”. Where Gemini is quite comfortable at home, spending time just contemplating different ideas without any immediate plans of action, bold and bright Sagittarius encourages us to venture far beyond our comfort zone, and preferably took the leap yesterday.

As such, many may consider Sagittarius a bit too reckless or lighthearted, but it is important to remember that the archer – always in search of individual meaning and spiritual growth – is also wise and expansive. Sagittarius’ happy-go-lucky energy simply comes from its unwavering faith in the Universe and trusting that it will all work out as it is meant to. Like the first card of the Tarot deck, The Fool, Sagittarius is comfortable stepping out into the unknown, and more easily than others find the courage to take that first leap of faith that is so crucial for getting started on our soul’s journey.

There is a balance to everything, though. Not being able to walk your talk is no good, but neither is action without thought, so be cautious to find equilibrium between thoughts and action at this time. That being said, life is an adventure, so whatever you do, don’t stagnate! YOLO and all that, right?

Adding to all of that we have powerful lunar eclipse on the Gemini – Sagittarius axis. Every eclipse has its own mood, and even though a Sagittarius eclipse may be thought of as the lighter end of the spectrum, eclipses are always karmic work, and all about pushing us towards our fate and destiny.

Throughout the next two weeks, as the moon wanes from full to new, keep in mind that eclipses are here to transform, shift and change the direction and flow of your life. Eclipses are extremely powerful teachers and guides, pushing you in the right direction, and whatever ends between two eclipse (the next being the solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10th) is always meant to end. It is inevitable. Destined. Fate.

This means that even though you may think you have got it all sorted, with your future planned down to every tiny detail, you might not land where you think you will, or where you want to. It is always, always where you should, though. No exceptions.

The main advice is to not fight the changes, as it will only make it so much harder. Just breathe and try to be curious as to where your path is going. And more than anything, draw on Sagittarius unwavering faith, and trust trust trust that the Universe is guiding you down your unique path with wonders and adventures you can only begin to imagine.

But before you step out on your epic adventure, you need to prepare. It is time to create some space for you to step back and take some deep breaths in stillness and contemplation. To let go of the everyday drama for a while and connect with your heart and true essence.

Where have your life brought you this far? What have you learned? What do you know to be true for you? Take a moment to jot it all down and reflect on what you have learnt and how far you have come. It may not be where you thought you would be at this point, but that does not mean where you are is not where you are supposed to be. We are always guided. We are always on the path. So rather than being frustrated that you are not there yet, let go of the reins and be curious as to where life will be taking you. Never doubt that there is a plan. Celebrate your triumphs and victories, laugh at your mistakes and be proud of how strong you have made yourself.

Embrace Sagittarius’ larger than life energy for all it is worth, an expand into all that you can be. Feel the excitement and joy of being a little reckless and ignore anyone who wants to dull your sparkle. This super moon is your opportunity to reach your greatest potential; your chance to step up to your soul’s path.

Every now and then we must consider whether we are in the right place to facilitate the growth and expansion we need, and the truth is that sometimes we will have to go far beyond familiar ground to find a place called home. Harness the bold and joyous archers’ energy and take a leap of faith. This is a time to let go of perfection, and be unapologetically who you really are, knowing that the moment you accept yourself fully, the world does so too.

More than anything; do what makes you happy. Do what make you healthy and strong. Do what make you feel alive! You are here to be the best version of you and to live your life to the fullest, everything else is secondary.

Use the powerful manifesting energy of the super full moon, visualize your dreams, and find the courage to just go for it! Flow with your life, make decisions from your heart, and you cannot go wrong.

Happy full moon, lovelies! Your destiny is unfolding!

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