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Lucky & Expansive: Welcome the New Moon in Sagittarius

Half an hour past midnight, Wednesday, December 13th, the sun and moon conjunct in the sign of the fiery archer, symbolizing the end of one moon cycle and the beginning of a new one (exact 00:32 CET).

As always, the new moon is an excellent time to plant your seeds for the future, and with the December’s magical new moon in the expansive sign of Sagittarius, all possibilities are on the table!

Sagittarius is a mutable sign that burns bright with an unquenchable thirst for life. The archer’s optimism is contagious and encourages us more than any other sign to connect with our more playful, open, and adventurous side. And even though many may consider Sagittarius a bit too reckless or lighthearted, it is important to remember that the archer - always in search of individual meaning and spiritual growth - also got wisdom and depthSagittarius’ happy-go-lucky energy simply comes from its unwavering faith in the Universe and trusting that it will all work out as it’s meant to. Like the first card of the Tarot deck, The Fool, Sagittarius is comfortable stepping out into the unknown, and more easily than others find the courage to take that first leap of faith that is so crucial for getting started on our soul’s journey.

Ruled by one of the heaven’s beneficiaries, lucky and expansive Jupiter, currently in a trine with communication planet Mercury, we get a wonderful cocktail of optimism, compassion and generosity (Jupiter) mixed with cleverness, wit, and humor (Mercury). Add fiery and driven Mars, currently transiting, and in conjunction to, the new moon, and you have the recipe for a powerful manifestor moon indeed. In other words: If you feel like dreaming big, it’s the season!

With bow and arrow, the archer’s new moon encourages us to embrace our potential, aim our arrow high, and shoot for the stars. Ask yourself this: What makes you happy? What makes you come alive? How can you live your life to the fullest? What is stopping you? Make decisions from your heart, and you cannot go wrong. Then use the powerful manifesting energy of the new moon as you visualize your dreams and find the courage to just go for it!


So, what are you waiting for? Let Sagittarius sprinkle some lucky dust onto our new moon wishes, embrace the joy of the moment, and know that nothing is impossible if you have enough heart.



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