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It's the season, Oslo yogis!

The end of the summer means back to our routines, and what better route to have than to go to yoga as much as you want - every month?!

If you are already a member - AWESOME! We are a small business, and you being a member is crucial for us to remain open. Hopefully, for many years to come! But maybe you have that friend who never really took the step to sign up - well, then you can let them know that now is the time!

Everyone who signs up before September 1st gets one FREE month of yoga + a FREE Manduka Travel mat* - yay! Who can say no to that?!

And if you are not a regular yet, and reading this: What are you waiting for?! :)

See you on the mat, Oslo yogis!


The Leela Team

*Only valid with a 12-month membership


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