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Dancing With Your Shadow: Happy Full Moon in Scorpio

Are you ready to enter the deep, dark waters of Scorpio? Your answer might be no, except Scorpio isn’t one to care too much about if we are ready or not; this transformative water sign is more likely to simply throw us into the fire – or in this case, the deep waters, and simply see if that will teach us how to swim.

Consequently, with a powerful full moon in Scorpio illuminating the night sky on April 27th (exact 05.30 AM CET) we may all be headed for an intense trip into our deep emotional reservoirs; the dark ones, the ones that always tends to take us under no matter how skilled swimmers we are.

Yet, uncomfortable as it may be, please do not fight your darkness. Merely ask yourself why you are so uncomfortable with it. Is it because it is unfamiliar? Or maybe it’s way too familiar for your own liking? Or are we simply so afraid of the answers we might get if we slow down enough to hear our souls whisper? Only you know the truth. Take the question to your journal and ponder upon it. Light a candle and dare to be in stillness tonight with your thoughts. What do you hear?

The simple truth is that light cannot exist without darkness, and the darker the night, the brighter the light shines. That goes for you as well Thus, do not avoid your darkness; embrace it. Befriend it. Just like the tides, our inner world and emotions naturally ebb and flow with the cycles of the moon, and it is nothing wrong with that. We are human beings, we feel things, and sometimes it gets intense. That is simply the nature of things. Besides, we all know that fighting upstream will exhaust us to the point of drowning at one point or another, so even when the intensity of what you feel scare you to the point of panicking, do not fight the current. Rather, surrender to it and let take you where you need to go.

The Scorpio moon brings you the gift of transformation, don’t refuse it. Let its cleansing waters carry you deeper into yourself. Listen to its promise of change and renewal. Let the moon illuminate you, helping you to uncover new layers and parts of oneself. The darkness always carries wisdom and answers, and you would be wise to listen. What treasures have you hidden away for the world to see? Trust that you are worth knowing. And trust that you are worth loving. All of you. The darkest parts too.

It is easy to pretend the darkness is not there, if we never go there. And the fear that we cannot possibly be loved for all that we are, both our light and dark, including all our past mistakes and the skeletons in the close, keeps us trapped in a lifelong lie. We are convinced it is better to hide the truth from ourselves and from them, so certain that being loved for half of what we are is better than not being loved at all. But the truth is that this is just a poor reflection of what love truly is, and if you want it all – and most of us do, even if it is just a whisper in the back of our heart – we need to reveal it all.

Thus, I believe one of the one of the biggest teachings of Scorpio to be that it is indeed possible for even the meanest creature to transform into something higher. With its many layers, Scorpio reveals to us the true path of transformation: from the lowest, darkest, energies of death represented by the sting of the scorpion, through its higher energy, represented by the wisdom of the eagle, to the promise of rebirth held by the symbol of the phoenix. Scorpio, embrace the whole spectrum of life, from good to bad and all the nuances in-between. Scorpio teaches us growth, and shows us that change is indeed possible with enough heart.

Because, just like Scorpio, on the surface layers, we humans are also run by our reptilian brain. By jealousy, possessiveness and fear. by our ego. But also, like Scorpio, at our core, in our heart center, we too hold the treasure of unconditional love and compassion. And like the mythical bird we too can rise from the ashes if we just have the courage to transform into that highest version of our being.

Yet, even with its intense and sometimes dark energies, the Scorpio moon is always a healing moon, so use it wisely. True healing starts at our deepest core, so let your guard down and expose your heart to the full moon. Let it illuminate the dustiest, darkest corners of your soul. Ask yourself what must die in you for you to experience the highest version of your being? What have come on this Earth to achieve?

The truth is that no matter how much work we have done and no matter how many challenges we have been through, there is always more. I wonder how many times I have thought “this time it must be done”, just to have another round of challenges six months or so later. Though harsh as it may seem, that doesn’t mean that life is a constant battle. It only becomes one if you fight against where you are guided. The trick is to learn to trust and surrender. To remember that this is how you grow. More importantly, to remember that this is how you are guided. Because even though growth may be painful, it is way more painful to be stuck someplace you don’t belong.

And though hiding how you truly feel might get you through life, does it let you live your life? The time of hiding your emotions and your true desires are over. The time is here to open your heart to the world and embrace your whole range of emotions. What do you think would happen if start to make friends with the places that scare you? With uncertainty and fear? We all have the opportunity to become fearless, but as with everything else in life it takes practice to become good at it.

The time to start is now. Let your heart guide you and connect with you true essence. Let what needs to go, go; let what needs to stay, stay; and never stop to shed, heal and transform in to the fullest expression of you. And if all the water, emotions and intensity of the Scorpio moon simply gets too much, know that you can always draw on the grounding, loving Taurus sun.

So what are you waiting for? This is the uncovering of your truth. You are on the path, exactly where you are mean to be, and you have the power to create the life you truly desire. It is time to rebirth into your own kind of magic!

Full Moon Blessings



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