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Dear Leela yogis, a little news-update for you and your practice these 4 coming weeks.

We can to this!

You are welcome to class and we really, really want to see you, but we need to follow some guidelines + take good care of ourselves and each other.

  1. Wear a mask in reception + wardrobe area and take it off when you are on your mat

  2. Remember to wash or anti-bac your hands when you come in (and before touching any props or mats!)

  3. Please change into your yoga-clothes at home, if you for some reason can not: Give people room in the wardrobe, wait for your turn

  4. Have your own mat? Please bring it with you! If you do not - feel free to borrow one, but please wash it very well after use

  5. Spread your mats - give each other 1 meter distance, there is room for that, we have a big beautiful shala ;)

  6. Coming to yin or restorative class? Bring some blanktes/towels to cover your props, please - maybe a pillowcase for the bolster, and you are all good!

  7. Do not touch anything you are not buying in the store - hard one, we know, but we can help you if you need to smell or try any of our products

  8. Stay at home and rest yourself back to health if you are feeling sick, with flu-like symptoms.

Stay safe and welcome to practice!

xox from the Leela team

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