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04.12: Journey of Rest: Winter grounding restorative yoga with sound bath with Sara

4.december kl 18.00 - 20.00 You are invited to press pause for a moment this December and treat yourself to a grounding, warm and candlelit evening with self-care to deeply relax and restore your body, nervous system and mind. Entering the week of the last full moon of 2022, the Full Long Nights Moon on dec 8, this is the perfect time to allow yourself to reflect upon all that you have achieved this past year. It is a time to be grateful for what is right now and to make space for rest before we enter into the festive season and new beginnings. Let the sounds and vibrations of beautiful instruments, the crystal singing bowls and khushi chimes, surround you and the restorative yoga poses help you to fully and deeply relax and recharge. With the support of props like bolsters and blankets the main thing you have to do this evening is to close your eyes, let go and allow yourself to rest. Mindfully coming back from your journey of rest I invite you to enjoy a cup of soothing, warm drink before you head back into the world, recharged and relaxed. Feel free to bring your favorite sweater and a pair of socks for extra warmth and comfort. Welcome!


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