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A creative, dedicated and passionate instructor who brings a philosophical yet playful approach to his teaching. Jeff brings a wide background to his experience - from the hospitality industry to rock climbing; performing arts to film production. He is influenced by Zen, Vipassanna, Tai Chi, modern dance and has been practicing various styles of yoga for 20 years.


Jeff is a 200 hour Hatha/Vinyasa registered Yoga Alliance teacher, is studying the Ashtanga Primary series under Ellen Johannesen and is a Mysore assistant instructor. He is taking part in a two year In Depth training with OnYoga which includes Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism with Ian Baker and Ellen Johanessen, Functional Yoga Anatomy with David Keil and the Ashtanga Intermediate series.


The program intends to close the gap between Tibetan and Indian Yoga traditions through exploring practice and research. Originally from a pear farm in California, Jeff enjoys calling Oslo home, and from time to time likes to travel around the world to teach.

My morning routine: water - journal - shower - abhyanga oil massage - ginger/lemon/honey tea - meditation - asana practice - a BIG brunch - coffee  


I believe in: showing up, everyday, for yourself in some form of practice - it is an act of compassion towards others to understand and to heal the self. Please dawn your oxygen mask first before assisting others.


Love is: the heart of conscious experience; it pervades the self - boundless, selfless and pure. 

I can't get enough of:  food, coffee, chocolate, pasta, nuts, fat, bread…sauna/cold bath and informative YouTube videos. Stillness and quiet.


Yoga is: simply put, the constant dissolving of conditioned response and fluctuations of the mind so we may embody a more truthful, joyful and abundant life with less attachments.

My mantra:  

“I am grateful for… (fill in the blank)”


I am also inspired by what Laruga Glaser once said regarding her mantra for life:

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” 


Showing up on the mat everyday isn’t always lollipops and roses - sometimes it is hard work. My 2nd mantra: 

Love yourself, with deep focus.


This year I want to: collaborate with others, host my own retreat and incorporate more meditation into my practice and teachings.



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