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Join Tonje for 2h of yin yoga + cacao ceremony in celebration of Yule and the December New Moon, Friday, December 15th at 6.30 PM.

From the moment of the Autumnal Equinox, the days become shorter and the nights longer with each passing day, urging us to slow down and tune in. At the Winter Solstice, we reach the very depth of that darkness as we arrive on the longest night of the year.

But dark as it may be, this also the night where the sun is reborn, meaning that from this day on, every day will hold a little more light, until night and day are again equal at the Equinox in the spring. As such, this is both a time of stillness and celebration. Of death and of rebirth. The light is reborn and we can choose to be reborn with it. To nourish those seeds that will make us blossom when the sun once more hangs high in the sky six months from now, on the Summer Solstice

Through the hour we will be channeling the introspective and nourishing qualities of the winter season, and our movement will be slow and deep. We will dive inwards through yin poses, meditation, mantra, mudra, and pranayama, and through ritual, journaling and divination we will let go of what was, and open up to what will be.

Only one question remains: What seed do you want to sprout in the spring? What flower is blossoming at the Summer Solstice?

Blessed be, and happy soon-to-be winter solstice!

Investment: 349,-

When and Where:

Leela Yoga Gamlebyen
Friday, December 15th
At 6.30 pm

15. desember: Yule & New Moon: Yoga + Cacao Ceremony

kr 349,00Price
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