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Teaching Tools med Daniel

Dato: 4 og 5 november  // Tid: 14.00 - 17.00


Shout out all the teachers in the room. Hello hello, anybody there?

This is your very special opportunity to join me for my very first sharing of teaching tools:) There is a set of tools and ways of teaching that has allowed med to teach more than 12.000 hours the last 12 years, and after being ask to share some, it’s finally happening.


We will start the workshop with an asana class where I will verbally and physically adjust you. I will go through hands on adjustments; how to adjust and assist in some asanas, and why and when to adjust, and you will practice this during the workshop. I will also share some points and ideas on how to communicate with your students both verbally and with touch, to first and foremost create a safe environment for your students, which will also support you as a teacher. We will have conversations about the role of the teacher and the student-teacher relationship. Finally I will share how to build your classes, bring more exciting aspects into your class and how to bring in different areas of your life into your teaching so that you can share more form an individualistic and grounded place. You will get the opportunity to ask any questions that you might have and I will answer as honest and fully as I possibly can. Please come an join me for this special event.


Leela Members/Teachers: 800kr

Regular: 950kr



4 og 5 november: Teaching Tools med Daniel

kr 950,00Price
  • Daniel has a 200+500 E-RYT TT from Yogaworks, studied with teachers in Buddhist monasteries, yoga tantra traditions and subtle body trainings, traditional yin, mindfulness teacher program led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach and loads of kids yoga trainings. He has also created a yoga school; Lets Yoga Skolen with a year long in dept yoga and meditation program, here at Leela.

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