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Sanctuary of Rest med Synnøve
Dato: 31. august  // Tid: 16.00 - 18.30


Welcome to 2,5 hours of deep, restorative rest and rejuvenation.


Many of us are always so busy, society is busy, our jobs are busy, sometimes our yoga practice even feels busy - this is for you if you want to stop and get out of the busy-ness and stress of your day-to-day.


If you are feeling the need to let go of tension, sink back into your body and allow the mental activity to slow down - this is for you!


The workshop will consist of Restorative Yoga

- we rest in fully supported poses for 10-20 minutes, allowing ourselves to sink into our bodies and the mind to slow downYoga Nidra

- yogic sleep, a guided meditation technique to fully relax and enter a state in between wakefulness and sleep


After the class there will be served a delicious raw and healthy vegan cake + tea.


Bring cozy and warming clothing, and a water bottle

31. august: Sanctuary of Rest

kr 400,00Price
  • Synnøve Sjøtveit believes that all action begins in rest, and dedicates her teaching to the slower forms of yoga such a restorative, yin and nidra. She holds certifications in vinyasa, yin, yogasomatics, nidra and restorative - and has a somatic and poetic way of teaching. 

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