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Press pause to unleash play


Join us at Leela for a day retreat dedicated to exploring creativity and playfulness through yoga, breath and clay. No previous experience required! All you need is your body, mind and hands.


About the day

We will start off the day with a vinyasa yoga flow, waking up the body and the mind with a practice centered around awakening our creative self.


After a lunch break, we will continue with a clay workshop. You will discover three handbuilding techniques: pinching, slab building, and coiling, each offering a unique tactile experience. Your favourite piece will be available for collection after the event, once we have fired and glazed it for you.


We will close the day with a grounding yoga nidra.


Extra info

Delicious raw vegan snacks from Arawmas and tea will be provided throughout the day. Lunch is not included, however the yoga studio is situated next to Fuglen, which sells locally produced toasts. For participants of the workshop, Fuglen gives 20% on coffee and 10% on toasts throughout the day. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch and enjoy it with us outside on the terrace at Leela Gamlebyen.


We will provide all yoga equipment, but remember to bring your own towel if you wish to use the sauna during the lunch break!


We recommend that you wear clothes that are suitable for yoga, as well as bringing an apron for the clay workshop if you have one.


For questions, feel free to contact us at


Time and date

22nd June, 10.30 - 17.00

Investment: 1300 Kr

22. juni: Pause & Play

kr 1 300,00Price
  • MIA
    Mia is an architect and vinyasa yoga teacher. When she is not in the office you might find her teaching at Leela Gamlebyen, Joy Yoga, or maybe on a rooftop somewhere. She loves bringing a playfulness into her yoga classes, as well as reminding us to be kind to ourselves. She is excited to start off with an open minded flow, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone.

    Marine is a trained scientist and a passionate ceramic enthusiast. Inspired by natural palettes and organic forms, she enjoys exploring the diverse techniques of pottery, playing with various types of clay and textures. In her workshop, she'll guide you through experimentation of shapes and colours, where there's no need to chase perfection.

    Farina is an architect, but truly an artist at heart. She loves exploring creativity and emotions through painting. You may have seen her at the Vårmarket at Gamlebyen Loft a couple of weeks ago. She has a natural gift for creating a space where you feel safe enough to express yourself. She also loves a big hug!

    Victoria is a landscape architect, and studies systems thinking in her spare time. She believes that rest and play are the recipe for life. She loves all things that help us ground and regenerate our nervous systems, and is looking forward to guiding you through a yoga nidra during the workshop. You can lean back, relax your shoulders, and be assured that things are organized for you when Victoria is around.

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