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Meditation inflation
Dato: 1.-3. desember  // Tid: Fredag 18.00-20.00 : Lørdag og søndag 14.00-17.00



Mindfulness meditation.

We will explore four ways of mindfullness. Mindfulness of the body in the body, mindfullness of feelings in the feelings, mindfullness of mind in the mind and mindfulness of phenomena in phenomena. These will help equip you with tools for understanding your own mind and therefore others minds too. From this perspective we try to look deeply and se what really is. 



Meditation and the energetic body.

Today we will explore how to play with our energetic body through breath, mantra and visualization. These are tools to calm the mind, and to know yourself from a perspective of energy and how to access this through the body. We will do some movement, not a lot, but enough to support your experience. We are connecting to Prana vayus, our inner wind channels and explore the effects on body and mind.



Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

We will investigate how to have one leg in the relative world and one leg in the ultimate world. We want to have one in both. We will look at the art of analytical meditation and look into emptiness and wisdom, learning how to hold more than one perspective at the same time. 


Leela medlemmer/lets yoga skolen: 1100,-

Regular: 1300,-


1.-3. desember: Meditation inflation with Daniel

kr 1 300,00Price
  • Daniel has a 200+500 E-RYT TT from Yogaworks, studied with teachers in Buddhist monasteries, yoga tantra traditions and subtle body trainings, traditional yin, mindfulness teacher program led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach and loads of kids yoga trainings. He has also created a yoga school; Lets Yoga Skolen with a year long in dept yoga and meditation program, here at Leela. 

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