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Handstand and handstand press

Dato:13. og 14. januar   // Tid: 14.00-17.00


By popular demands, we are repeating the handstand workshop and adding the element of press to handstand. You will get technical advice and corrections and guidance for you injuries, lack of movement or strength, but we will focus more on working towards handstands without support and pressing up to handstands. We will be using props and the wall and each other to help assist.


Come join us for a fun and playful time:)


Leela memebers/Lets Yoga Skolen: 800kr

Regular 950kr


13. og 14. januar: Handstand and handstand press

kr 950,00Price
  • Daniel has a 200+500 E-RYT TT from Yogaworks, studied with teachers in Buddhist monasteries, yoga tantra traditions and subtle body trainings, traditional yin, mindfulness teacher program led by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach and loads of kids yoga trainings. He has also created a yoga school; Lets Yoga Skolen with a year long in dept yoga and meditation program, here at Leela. 

  • Spørsmål om workshopen kan rettes til Daniel direkte


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