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New Month and New Beginnings: Happy New Moon Moon in Passionate Aries

Welcome new beginnings & welcome spring!! Eventful March has just come to an end, and we will be kicking off April with a fiery new moon in the first sign of the zodiac: Fire-starter Aries.

All New Moons represent new beginnings, but the Aries New Moon is definitely the most powerful for setting intentions and starting afresh. This is a time for revamping your goals + wishes, aiming for the stars, and to just go for it! The ram is all about making plans and taking actions, and the abundant Aries’ energy surrounding us at the moment, is here to give you the drive, passion and initiative to go after what you want! And with the Sun, Moon and Mercury all transiting Aries as we speak, don’t be surprised if the brave and bold intentions you plant under this New Moon start to bloom into fresh new adventures and opportunities within the next six months.

Be aware that trailblazer Aries waits for no one though. Aries just ‘does’, so be sure to be ready for what you ask for. And with the love goddess Venus in a conjunction with potent Mars, Aries’ ruler, there might even be an adventure of the heart coming up. Who knows, maybe this is the day to step out of your comfort zone, dare to be vulnerable and let your special someone know how you truly feel? How would you express your love if there was no risk of rejection? Dare to be more passionate. Dare to love harder. It is what life – at leastbif you’re an Aries – is all about after all! ♡ So what are you waiting for? Remind yourself that you are worthy and deserving of all your heart’s wishes – then go for it! Express yourself. Life is too short to sit around and wait for second chances.

Or what about setting an intention exclusively for you? Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, the sign of Self, a perfect intention would be that of loving yourself more. Self-love is always integral to the path ahead, and who said a date night with yourself couldn’t be just as fun!? Re-ignite your inner fire and you will see how life automatically becomes bigger, brighter and more passionate all by itself. As your energy changes, so do the people around you, and you automatically begin to attract more like-minded souls. Remember; your vibe attracts your tribe!

Whatever you choose to do, or whichever intentions you choose to set, remember that this is a time to make strong choices and take action! You only get to harness this fiery Aries energy once per year, so be sure to make the most of it.

The Universe rewards those who dare to follow their heart, so embrace this unique and magical New Moon energy. Set a bold intention, then find the courage to take the first step forward on that path, trusting that everything else will fall into place once you dare to take the leap. It’s time to let the magic happen!

New Moon Blessings Tonje xx

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