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19.juni: Intention for Peace Workshop with Jeff

Intuition for Peace Sunday, 19th of June, 2022 15:00 - 17:30 150 minute Intuitive Yoga Workshop & Benefit guided by Jeff Frieders Donation options 75- kr 150,- kr 300,- kr.

Peace begins within before it begins without. This workshop is intended to cultivate one's physical and mental intuition in order to bring peace. In light of the current war in Ukraine, all proceeds will be donated to benefit Hospitallers - a battalion of volunteer medics in Ukraine. You can also read more about Hospitallers in a heartfelt piece written by The New Yorker in The Daily: "On the ground with a medical battalion in Ukraine." Workshop Details:

  • 75 minute intuitive hatha/vinyasa yoga with hands on adjustments by the instructor

  • 15 minute guided pranayama

  • 25 minute guided meditation

  • 30 minute group reflection over tea

  • A partially led hatha/vinyasa class with a mellow yet playful playlist.

  • Hands-on adjustments by the instructor.

  • Designed for intermediate to advanced yogis looking to explore an intuitive self practice.

  • Beginners welcome - come with an open mind and ready to be creative - some yoga experience is a plus!

  • Be inspired by like-minded yogis to deepen your self practice.

  • A safe space to cultivate intuition for peace in your own body and mind.

  • Delicious herbal tea provided after class!

Sign up Photo Credit: @aja_crites


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