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Christmas spirit Give-away

Starting tomorrow - December 1st we give away one 10-clip card every week until Christmas.We are curious how you all feel about Christmas, and therefore ask you to post a photo of what Christmas Spirit is to you.

What is Christmas spirit to you? What ignites that feeling on the inside, of Christmas spirit?

It can be so personal, for all of us. Most of us agree that the smells, special food and treats, as well as the oh-so-typical Christmas decoration is very Christmassy, right?

But what about the emotional, spiritual, religious part of Christmas spirit?

In Christian teology Christmas is about giving of yourself to others, sacrificing yourself to others, even. While Yule, a midwinter festival celebrated by Germanic people, revolves around thanking the Gods and Goddesses for what you have as well as celebrating nature and its changes. It is a celebration of gratitude and thankfulness to the God and nature. Winter Solstice is the cosmic event for Christmas and Yule traditions ,to release the dark in favor of the light– both because we actually get more sunlight every single day, and spiritually - moving from darkness to light as well.

Whatever you do believe, and celebrate - what does this time of year bring to your heart, and how do you celebrate it?

Share the spirit of Christmas with us by posting a photo on Instagram where you

1.follow @leelagamlebyen 2.tag @leelagamlebyen

4. in the Spirit of sharing and caring, maybe ask a friend to join, and tag your friend

We are super eager to see you contribution, and to see the winners in our studio very soon!

Winners are contacted via DM on Instagram every Monday of December.

Ps: All photos are welcome, if gingerbreads dipped in gløgg is Christmas spirit to you: post it! (Guilty here, that + decorating my house with all the Santa figures!)

xx from the Leela team

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