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Chatty & Social: Welcome the Full Moon in Gemini

The Sun has now moved out of the deep dark waters of Scorpio and into the energy of the more lighthearted and optimistic Sagittarius, and on November 27th, opposing the Sun in this fiery and playful sign, the Full Moon in airy, chatty Gemini will illuminate our November night sky.

The twins are known to be social, chatty butterflies and together with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars currently transiting adventurous and happy-go-lucky Sagittarius as we speak, the Full Moon in Gemini will be one to lighten the mood.

And as we leave the darker energy of the past month behind us, this very welcoming shift in energy will help us to open and expand our mind, heart and soul to new and unknown possibilities. As an air sign ruled by messenger Mercury, Gemini knows how to express themself, and as such, under this Full Moon the Universe now demands clear and honest communication.

And even though expressing our heartfelt truth can be hard at the best of times, leaving us feeling vulnerable and exposed, it also grounds us, and brings more peace of mind than trying to keep up with those little white lies we often tell to protect ourselves. Revealing the whole truth may scare you, but if you can stay true to yourself and communicate your innermost desires, you will soon notice how telling the heartfelt truth makes your soul expand ♡. Trust that this is a time to let the world know how you feel!

There are some reefs in the sea though. With a challenging T-square to strict and stern Saturn in Pisces the energy may feel more restricted than you would like. Gemini and Sagittarius are known for their easygoing energy, but with firm Saturn in the mix we may feel more stuck and stagnant than quick and expansive. On the other hand, Saturn is great for making sure our plans are solid, so even though the explosive combo of the twins and the archer preferably saw that things happened yesterday, I advise you to allow this slower energy to work for you, rather than against you.

Saturn may very well be here to remind us that even though it may be the holiday season (and Gemini sure loves a good party!), we have also entered the darkest quarter of the year which is a time - and an opportunity(!) - for stillness and reflection. Carve out some space in your busy pre-yule schedule to slow down for (a minimum of) one night. Light some incense, pull some cards, journal, meditate, do yin yoga, and pay some extra attention to your throat chakra – the chakra of communication.

And as we start to wrap up the year, the Full Moon as an excellent time to stop and reflect. How has this year been for you? How are you feeling right now, this moment? 2023 has been a year with a fair share of war and conflicts going on, and this may have made 2023 a challenging year for many of us. Seen from an astrological point of view, the turbulence in the world can in many ways be connected to Uranus transit through Taurus: The purpose of Uranus' journey through Taurus is to test the foundations on which we have built our lives, and Uranus's last Taurus transit, from 1935–1942, coincided with both with the Great Depression and WWII. The current Uranus transit started halfway into 2018, and has so far included the Trump presidency, a global pandemic and devastating wars in Ukraine, Israel, and Palestine amongst other things. We are literally in the deepest dark of the winter, so when everything sems utterly hopeless, come back home to yourself, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that this too shall pass, and that with every day, we are moving closer to the end of these conflicting energies.

And even though 2023 may not have brought you everything you wanted, or even if it brought you ten steps back, trust that it brought you what you needed. Let the Full Moon in Gemini be a light in the dark and have faith in the bigger picture, and that you will always get the lessons you need for you to learn and grow.

Never forget that your life is a sacred journey, and that all we can do is to live the best life we can with the opportunities we get. It is darkest before the dawn as they say, and the future is yours and yours alone.

Happy Full Moon in Gemini lovelies!

Tonje xx


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