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21.juni: Summer Solstice Yoga & Ceremony

In occasion of the International Day of Yoga we invite you to a ceremony with MYSTICA and LEELA-co-founder Tonje!

Join Tonje for 90 min of yoga + ceremony in celebration of Litha and the Summer Solstice Tuesday, June 21st!

Filled with light, laughter and fire, the Summer Solstice is a day to celebrate, as well as a day to pause, and acknowledge and honor the cycles of the wheel of the year.

Celebrating the Sun, the element of the Summer Solstice is, naturally, the element of Fire, representing, amongst others, energy, inspiration, love, passion and drive. But more importantly Fire represents your soul, spirituality and transformation.

It’s the energy of letting go, burning away the old and having the courage to venture into something new. Fire represents your souls purpose, and, many will say, Fire represents magic itself.

We will gather at noon, when the sun’s power is at its strongest, and through the hour we will channel the transformative qualities of the summer solstice; working with the energy of the sun and the element of fire.

We will give gratitude to the Sun through Movement, Meditation and Breathwork, and we will reflect on the past and plant seeds for the future through journaling and divination. Last, but not least we will offer our hopes and dreams for the path ahead through a fire ritual.

Investment: Leela Members: FREE (sign up via the app) Others: 150,- kr (sign up by emailing us at

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